Cataract Surgery

Vision Care - Dr. Akel
Surgery - Dr. Kilgore

"Everything went just like a breeze, very smoothly from start to finish. It seemed like the cataract surgery just took a few minutes. I went back the next morning to have my bandage removed. Three weeks later, I did the other eye. Now, everything is fine. I have my new glasses now. Everything I see is more clearly defined. Dr. Akel had been watching me for quite a long time to see when I'd need cataract surgery. Then he referred me to Dr. Kilgore. I was well-informed. I had a booklet about the surgery, and it was discussed in detail.

Betty McFarland

Her surgery was covered by Medicare and her supplemental insurance. 

Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery

Surgery - Dr. Kilgore

"I had very baggy eyelids, a condition that had developed gradually, and I didn't realize how it was affecting my vision. Before the surgery, I was very excited to be getting it done and happy about it, not worried. I met a woman who had undergone the same type of surgery done by Dr. Kilgore. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Kilgore for this type of surgery. It healed very well and I have no problems with my vision. I also praise Jeannie for her helping show my true need for the surgery and making sure it could be covered by my insurance."

Donita Laughlin

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Vision Care- Dr. Akel
Optical Shop- Pete Papa

"I entrust my family's vision care to Dr. Akel, who is highly regarded. I switch back and forth between glasses and contact lenses. Pete in the Optical Shop advises me when a frame would not carry my prescription for trifocals. Really, he keeps all that in mind when I'm choosing frames. I am consistently pleased that the styles are real current. I have Versace and Saks styles now. Sometimes I wear a conservative style. I also have a pair of orange frames and prescription sunglasses. I've never been dissatisfied with any frames I've purchased there."

Pam Langston

Vision Care and Diabetic Eye Care

Vision Care- Dr. Crosslin
Diabetic Eye Care- Dr. Wright

Carol and Ronald Lethiot Sr. vacation in Mountain Home to visit relatives and have been to Kilgore Vision Center for eye care.

"I'm glad we came down here. I wish they were in Illinois. Dr. Crosslin takes care of my eye exams and Dr. Wright takes care of my husband's eye care needs. He is diabetic and feels more relaxed here getting the treatments he needs than in the crowded vision centers in Illinois. Dr. Wright takes time with him and is gentle. Dr. Wright made a special effort to complete Ronald Sr.'s treatments because we were here for just a short stay. Ronald is over 65, but is still working."

Carol and Ronald Lethiot
Morris, Illinois

Eyeglass Frames and Vision Care

Vision Care- Dr. Akel
Optical Shop- Pete Papa

"I am most definitely pleased with the variety of styles, colors and designer brands. I now have a pair with small, round lenses suspended from a straight piece across the top. Pete is really good at helping you choose what frames are good for you. I don't hesitate to go back for any adjustments I feel I might need on my frames and they treat you very well. I go to Dr. Akel for eye exams and he has helped me with a prescription for dry eyes."

Carletta Parker

Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma, Laser Surgery

Cataract Surgery- Dr. Kilgore
Glaucoma- Dr. Kilgore
Laser Surgery- Dr. Kilgore

"A friend recommended Kilgore Vision Center to me when I first moved to the area 15 years ago. We have not been disappointed. They are very thorough in providing information and they are happy to do so. I can't say enough about how we are treated. My cataract surgery results were good. I then developed glaucoma and use eye drops to keep the pressure down. But, I was scared about the laser treatments. Dr. Kilgore kept me calm. He is very compassionate."

James Barton

Rare Medical Condition Care

Vision Care- Dr. Kilgore

"We had been going to Arkansas Children's Hospital ever since Chanze was three months old, and he's now nine years old. But, we prefer to come to Kilgore Vision Center in Mountain Home, rather than traveling to Little Rock for checkups. Chanze suffers from ocular albinism, a lack of pigment, resulting in extreme sensitivity to light, and he also has low vision. It is a genetic condition. We make a lot of adaptations at home and in his school work, and we see Dr. Kilgore about once a year. They are wonderful in providing information to us and helping with managing his condition. Really, they are just like family. We were first referred to Dr. Kilgore in 1992 after my older son had surgery in Little Rock for a detached retina."

Mary Sexton
Calico Rock

Angies List
HSC Ambulatory Surgery Center
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